Got more then 4 name servers listed on your domains? Maybe you’re paying for a high availability DNS service… Well DON’T use 1&1 Hosting because they will remove your domains hosted by them after 30 days because their system cannot handle more then 4 name servers.


Let’s say your using them for web hosting ONLY and want them to do nothing with DNS for your domains. Well regardless of what you want, they will still check your domains hosted by them for DNS records. If you have more then 4 name servers listed on your domains, their system will email you repeatedly informing you that your domains are misconfigured. Best yet,¬†there’s no way to turn off this “feature”, so after 30 days your domains are removed.


What a awesome web hosting company… right?! After talking with multiple members of their support team it’ll be clear to you too that they are uninterested in helping or working with you!